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Google rival? Je ne pense pas…

Brilliant idea alert! Looks as if the French and German governments, in conjunction with the European Union, have decided to take on Google. They’ve cobbled together a sizable chunk of seed money (£100+ million), looped in some 23 different companies and have embarked on a mission to dethrone the king of search.

What is this, the Airbus of the ‘net? However promising a bureaucratically-led, international push to unite the efforts of 23 disparate tech firms under the banner of Franco-German partnership is (*shudder*), I’m worried the project, dubbed Quaero, has gotten off on the wrong foot: alas, it seems they’ve neglected to first pick up the domain name…

What lucky company holds that distinction? Quaero IT marketing out of Charlotte, North Carolina of course (here’s to securing a chunk of that £100 guys!).

Do you think Quaero will support the search terms blog, email or iPod?

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