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Rise of the hybrids

Things are heating up on the ol’ interweb. Amazon this week ballyhooed its growing suite of enterprise web services, claiming bandwidth traffic surrounding its EC2 and S3 services (cloud processing and cloud storage, respectively) had exceeded the bandwidth associated with its global e-commerce business. I’m impressed, despite the fact that it’s a bit of an apple vs. orange comparison (you’d expect voluminous bandwidth running a hosting company, which is essentially what EC2/S3 is!)…

Adobe on the other hand announced the first crop of third-party applications using its unique Adobe Air technology. Air is a runtime environment (similar to java, or .net) that allows developers to migrate web-based applications to the desktop, allowing for a seamless offline experience. It’s the future of the business application, and it’s what all the cool kids will be getting up to in 2008.

The theme here? Hybrid. Amazon as a hybrid web technology company, spinning off web services on the back of its e-commerce infrastructure. Adobe as a pioneer in bridging the gap between the "on-demand" appeal of cloud computing, with the reliability and flexibility of a desktop application. Leaner, faster, stronger, the internet grows up.

And as I write this, it looks like Microsoft has finally given in to the perennial rumors, submitting an official $44 Billion bid for struggling web powerhouse Yahoo. Uh-oh, the parents are home.

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