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Vitter yourself – Seesmic merges Twitter and video

Yesterday TechCrunch wrote about Loic LeMeur’s new company, Seesmic. Here is a good short summary about what this is.

I have not tried it yet, but it sounds interesting. Twitter itself
is not that widely spread in Europe yet, but Seesmic may man a jump
ahead – and some people may just go for this straight away. It allows
interaction between users through their self-generated and professional
content. You can upoad your videos from Seesmic to plaforms like
Twitter or Youtube, but you can also copy videos (their URL’s) from
Youtube onto Seesmic and thus generate your own video story.

Loic’s vision is to build a new Online TV platform. Seeing how some
video portals already can be subscribed to by Tivo and others, Seesmic
may jst well be another step towards how IPTV may look like soon – and
what challenges traditional TV is going to face.

I would be interested to hear about people’s experience with Seesmic
and also feedback from some European Twitters – I have the feeling that
people only slowly are realizing the value of it.

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