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Flash community grows stronger

Following my post earlier this week about the Flash and Adobe community, my New Media team here at LEWIS have just received our new versions of Adobe CS3. We’re like kids at Christmas I can tell you. To top it all we all went to the monthly Flash Platform User Group meeting in London last night.


They were having a special presentation about all the new features in CS3. It’s such a great (and free) resource this and it highlights the point I was making in my last post about how this industry is all driven by the community. It’s such an open and sharing environment that everybody is happy to share all their knowledge and tips with everyone else in order to help the whole thing move forward. Furthermore, one of the great things about Flash is that it brings together designers and developers, artists and programmers, left side brains and right side brains. In an industry which is often very segregated between programmers and designers Flash has been the catalyst in bringing these two areas closer together.

I love this community spirit. It’s quite rare that you get a community that strong which brings different people together. A lot of strong groups or communities these days are all specialised interest groups where people are all the same. We also don’t have as many small villages and towns these days where everyone knows each other. Two communities that I do know of are the McGuire Programme and The AA. The McGuire Programme for Recovering Stutterers, of which I am a member, brings together people from all walks of life. Stuttering doesn’t pick and choose between age, background or religion. Same thing with the AA (of which I am not a member… yet). It’s a leveller and brings people together through one common bond.

I’m not saying Flash is quite the same as those two but it certainly does have an incredible community out there and it brings together people from all different areas of computer design. Adobe’s new version of the suite is helping to bridge that gap even more. Cheers Tink and everyone else who organised last night.

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