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Warning: possible crude content below…

Advisoryblog…but then again there might not be. I am, after all, a nice bloke. But who knows who might be writing posts or leaving comments on other blogs. The world is a dangerous, nasty place and, therefore, so is the blogosphere. Or at least that is the growing concern by many. Gone are the days when it was just geeky programmers sitting in their jumpers writing about what they did that day. These days every man and their parole officer can have a blog. Things can be said with even more freedom and less ramifications than in real life. People can abuse others and they can do this totally anonymously.

Further ‘antisocial media’ antics can include infringing copyright and plagiarising other people’s posts (as I mentioned in this previous post) and more serious actions such as personal abuse and death threats.

In order to curb what some people think is a dangerous aspect of the unmonitored blogosphere, Tim O’Reilly has started the process of drafting a blogosphere code of conduct. This is being supported by many who feel that blogs should have warning stickers in the same way that CDs do. Others, however, feel it goes against the very ethos of what the blogosphere is and may well just fuel the fire of those who choose to rebel.    

Let us know your thoughts but please… keep it clean :o)

More views on this from the BBC.

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