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Viacom to sue Google and YouTube

YoutubeIt was always going to happen. The bubble was always going to burst. After gleefully allowing people to upload copyrighted video clips willy-nilly onto their servers, YouTube were always going to have to face the music one day. They have been trying to stave off lawsuits for quite a while by pacifying the likes of the BBC, MTV and Time Warner but it seems that one thing has been their fatal mistake. Greed. Being bought by internet giant Google has given the green light to entertainment companies to sue YouTube for what it is now worth.

This BBC story states that Viacom is going to sue YouTube, in true Dr. Evil style, for $1bn. Google’s past strategy has been to take down any clips that people complain about rather than proactively preventing people from breaching copyright in the first place. It seems that Viacom now doesn’t feel that this is enough. Google has survived this long by sorting out some sort of deal with their potential suitors. Maybe this time they won’t be so lucky.

Where does your loyalty lie? Is YouTube just a service which allows people to break the law, like people smoking dope at someone’s house party, and it is these individuals who should be prosecuted or does the responsibility purely lie with the host of the party, YouTube?

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