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YouTube gold: a chart

People keep sharing YouTube videos with me. Some, like a long-forgotten gem on a You’ve Been Framed repeat (usually where someone falls though the roof while cladding the loft) make me laugh.

Others, like a bad email joke that you first saw in 1998 and has just made its way back to you via a friend you’d hoped you wouldn’t hear from again since they moved to New Jersey, just waste my time.

So I’ve decided to create LEWIS 360’s own YouTube Gold chart, with a sprinkle of meme magic.


1.    Die Cast
2.    Chavs on a roundabout
3.    Urban ninja
4.    Daniel Chesterfield
5.    OK Go on treadmills

Now, because I’m meme-spirited, I invite Danny, Tim, Bob, Stuart and Wade to suggest their own top five. (Drew and Alex, you’d better get stuck in too.)

Here’s the trick – to everyone you send this meme to, ensure they include a memetag – a link back to this post like the one below.

Here’s the code:

<p>Memetag: <a href="http://www.lewis360.com/2006/09/youtube_gold_a_.html">YouTube chart</a></p>

I will track the meme, read every entry, compile a chart and keep our list up to date and ranked by popularity.

Memetag: YouTube chart

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  • http://www.thenewmarketing.com Wade Rockett

    Stellar! When I’m not writing, or lying on the couch and groaning about all the writing I have to do, I’ll post my five. Maybe my co-bloggers on TNM will play.

  • http://thenewmarketing.com/blogs/thenewmarketing/archive/2006/09/28/367.aspx The New Marketing

    Memetagged by LEWIS PR: Top 5 YouTube videos?

    Jon Silk at the LEWIS 360 blog recently posted his top five favorite YouTube videos, and tagged…

  • http://flacklife.blogspot.com Bob LeDrew

    I'm in! Sorry it took so long, and thanks for including me. And now I know what a Chav is, so I'm going to bed smarter tonight.