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BBC discovers YouTube and that ‘chavs and scooter on roundabout’ video

The news that YouTube is one of the world’s 50 Coolest Sites, along with various speculative stories on its wheelings and dealings have led to blanket coverage on the BBC of social media’s effect on society.

The BBC’s report, which varies from adulation at YouTube’s success to amazement that people under 21 that don’t live in Greater London can actually work out how to use the Internet (let alone post their own videos) is really just an excuse for them to play the ‘chavs and a scooter on a roundabout’ video on loop. Just like ITV did the other day.

For any of you that have been holidaying on another planet, here’s the video in full. And, as the fireman should’ve said, don’t try this at home.

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  • http://simoncollister.typepad.com Simon Collister

    No doubt someone will be complaining about ‘disaffected yoof’ but I am constantly and continuously amazed by the ingenuity and resourcefulness of ‘kids these days’ (and I’m only 26!).
    Copycat vids area lready appearing on YouTube!

  • Mark Turner

    If you ever got a real job you could be dangerous – lucky for everyone you're stuck in PR on the very fringe of reality.
    Keep up the good work.