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Following on from Sarah’s post I’d like to continue with the hot topic that is the weather. I’m posting this one from my house where I don’t have air-con and I must say it’s pretty muggy. But at least it’s not as hot as it has been in California recently where they have declared a state emergency this week. I’m sure many people in the world nearly declared a global emergency when MySpace.com went down. Power outages due to the heatwave caused their servers to be out of operation for a whole 12 hours. How people managed without being able to chat in their online community I just don’t know. Maybe they resorted to speaking to some real life people instead.


For this outage to happen to what has recently become the most visited site in the US is a pretty major issue. I reckon more than one person got fired over it. Sure, it’s unnaturally hot and there are power outages but organisations that size should really have a number of backup plans to cater for any emergency. They did, however, manage to get a game of Pac-Man up as a holding page whilst the main site was down. So I might let them off.

Is this a sign that MySpace.com is struggling to keep up with its own exponential growth? Has it reached equilibrium? Maybe this is just the first major test it has faced since Rupert Murdoch acquired it last year. It will be interesting to see whether NewsCorp can really provide the financial and structural backing it will need or whether they were just jumping on the bandwagon.

I’m looking forward to going into work tomorrow. The air-con is working.

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  • http://www.morganmclintic.com Morgan McLintic

    Good call Michael. The word at AlwaysOn was that this had more to do with the infrastructure than the heat. Other services didn't fry – YT stayed up for instance.

  • http://theblogconsultancy.typepad.com/techpr/2006/07/myspace_breaks.html Drew B's take o

    MySpace breaks

    My colleague Michael just posted about MySpace breaking down from the heat. IT Week did too, says Lem. Loads of places are offline cos of the heat, it seems. Why not here please!! :-) Tags: heat, power cut