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Being Part of the Real-Time Communications Revolution


‘One thousand years from now, the only two things that will be remembered in the history of the time period we are living right now will be the first lunar landing of Apollo 11 on July 20, 1969 and the development of real-time communications instantly connecting every human on earth with every other human on earth.’ Wow. […]

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Tomorrow’s Storytellers: Syncing Influencer Relations Activity

Toy influencer relations

I’ve been fortunate enough to hit the road recently to speak at some truly insightful events about influencer relations across Europe. What has become apparent from hosting these events is that, while influencer relations may not be a new concept, there is still a lack of understanding on how best to approach influencer relations and […]

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Quantifying Success: How to Measure ROI with the Right Tools

Quantifying Success

As previously mentioned, you don’t need to be a data scientist or a mathematics genius to run a measurement campaign. All you need is a solid strategy and the right tools to effectively analyze your efforts and optimize your programs. Selecting data reporting tools is easy once you determine what’s needed to compile a comprehensive report […]

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7 Deadly Global Campaign Management Sins – And How To Overcome Them!

Seven deadly global campaign management sins

I’m sure everyone working in a global or international role can sympathize… there are so many anecdotes of ‘how NOT to do international PR or global marketing campaigns’. We’ve all come across a corporate press release that had to be issued as it is (and no, we don’t speak English in Paris or USD pricing […]

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Real-time Communications: When Speed and Agility Count (Not Advertising Budgets)


What do athletes, air traffic controllers, paramedics, bond traders and public relations professionals have in common? The need to act and react in real-time. Only a few years ago, there was no way that PR would be included in the list of professions in which every second counts. In the paper age, the nearest deadline […]

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Red Bull Doesn’t Give You Wings (So Sue Me)


Being in the PR business, we are used to brands asking us to come up with catchy tag lines and slogans. What used to be the job of ad agencies has now expanded into the whole communications industry. A big challenge when brainstorming about catchy slogans is that they have to remain credible and stay […]

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The Intersection of Everything: Views from Dr Carsten Sørensen


The evolution of technology is having a significant impact on society. It is now integral to everything we do, from personal lives to business processes. In our new blog series, The Intersection of Everything, Michael Gonzalez and Dean Russell invite leading figures to discuss their views on what these shifts may lead to in the future. With topics ranging […]

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You Say Goodbye, and I Say Ello


Facebook has long struggled with balancing the needs of its 1.3 billion users while providing advertisers with a robust platform that enables effective targeting of those very same users. Where Facebook has routinely come under fire is their changing of privacy features while not always informing users that settings have changed as well as data […]

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